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Online Travel Authorization

Electronic Immigration and Customs Form for St. Lucia

Valid for Air or Sea Travelers

Apply 96 hours before your trip

Photo of Bio Passport’s page needed

A single form for each Group or Family

What is Needed

Flight Details:

Information about your upcoming flight, such as the airline, flight number, and date of travel.

Passport Info:

Provide the passport information for all family members who will be traveling with you.

Travel Document Photo:

For non-OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) citizens, you will need to upload a photo of your passport’s bio page. For OECS citizens, an ID card photo will suffice.

Working Email Address:

Provide a functioning email address where you can receive the receipt and any necessary communication.

Before arriving in St. Lucia, all individuals who travel by air or Sea are required to fill out the electronic questionnaire.

This online form can be conveniently completed in any location with internet access, such as the airport lounge of your originating departure city or during the flight if this provides internet coverage. To ensure a smooth process, it is necessary for each family to fill out a single form. Upon completion, a unique QR code will be sent via email, which must be presented to the authorities upon arrival.

Fill out and send your form for Saint Lucia at least 72 hours before your departure. Upon arrival, kindly present your receipt to the customs and immigration officials.

Summary Immigration Form for Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has introduced an innovative immigration form for Air and Sea travelers, aimed at expediting the arrival process for passengers. Starting from March 1, 2023, the new form is called Embarkation/Disembarkation (ED) it has been implemented and available online.

This electronic form will replace the traditional written form and enable immigration officers, customs personnel and airport and port’s health authorities to access real-time information. As a result, the operation time for incoming passengers will be significantly reduced, ensuring a seamless entry experience.

The new ED form system has already been successfully implemented at George F.L. Charles Airport (SLU) and Hewanorra International Airport (UVF), receiving good assessments by relevant authorities.

While obtaining the online ED form is not mandatory for boarding, it is necessary to submit the form prior to arriving in Saint Lucia to ensure expedited processing upon arrival. If a passenger has not completed the electronic form by the time of arrival, they will be required to fill out the paper form supplies by the airline or within the country. In this case thou, the entrance process is lengthy and might incur in some bureaucratic hiccup.

The St. Lucia immigration form can be accessed and completed up to 3 days (72 hours) before the departure date and only one application is required per group of travelers or family. Once the form is submitted, travelers obtain a proof of purchase via email in the form of a QR code, which must be presented to customs upon arrival.

To fill out the online application, travelers is going to share flight details and passport information of all travelers of their group. Plus, a working email address is needed and a suitable photo or scan of the travel documents (such as the passport page with biometric details). Lastly a credit card or Paypal account to pay the fee associated with the ED form.

UK’s External affairs Office has issued updated advice for those planning to visit Saint Lucia. They state that the immigration form available online takes over the need for a paper form and is expected to expedite the process to enter the country. However, until mid-April, individuals who don’t have confirmation of the online immigration application could have still complete a paper form upon arrival, as the transition is being phased out. This option is not available anymore.

Obtain the Immigration form Receipt in just 3 Easy Steps

Fill out and send online the user-friendly ED form

Complete the online Embarkation/Disembarkation application form with your names, passport number, Travel Information, age, and email.

Receive your QR proof of approval by email

The approved Immigration Form is sent as QR code in the email address specified in the online application

Show the QR code at your arrival in Saint Lucia

On a apparatus like a smart phone, tablet, computer etc., or a hand over on arrival to officials a paper copy previously printed out and kept among your travel document.

Saint Lucia is eagerly anticipating your arrival and is excited to extend a warm welcome to you!

  • The form can be accessed and completed up to 72 hours before your scheduled travel.
  • Each family or group should submit only one form.
  • Upon successful submission, you will receive a receipt via email. Please ensure you have it with you upon arrival as it will be required.
  • If you need to make any changes to your submitted form, you can easily do so by contacting us and providing the needed changes.
The online application process has several parts asking details on:








and pay

  • The Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form is a necessary document for entry into Saint Lucia, but it should not be considered a substitute for a visa. If your country mandates a visa for entry, the immigration officers will request your visa upon arrival in Saint Lucia. Please note that certain nationalities may necessitate a physical visa. In such cases, we recommend visiting your local embassy for further guidance.
  • All travelers must fill out the Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form. Under 18s can be named on their parent/guardian’s application.
  • You are required to print and carry the Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form as you must present it at the point of entry.

The Saint Lucia Travel Registration form is an official document that must be completed by all travelers entering Saint Lucia. It is an online form that collects essential information from visitors, such as personal details, passport information, flight details, and contact information.

The purpose of the form is to facilitate a smooth entry process and ensure the safety and well-being of travelers. By submitting the form, travelers provide important information that helps the authorities in Saint Lucia to effectively manage immigration, customs, and health-related procedures.

It is mandatory for all travelers, including both nationals and foreign visitors, to complete the Saint Lucia Travel Registration form before their arrival. Failure to do so may result in delays or complications during the entry process.

To obtain your travel registration form easily, we recommend using the services provided by our platform, www.stluciatravelauthorization.us. By simply submitting your information online, we will handle all the intricate procedures on your behalf. Continue reading to discover all the comprehensive details and benefits of our service.

The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority has made it mandatory for all visitors a to complete this essential document, regardless of age. However, parents or guardians can include children under the age of 18 in their own application. Please be aware that both the airline company and immigration authorities will request and verify this document upon your arrival in Saint Lucia.

Kindly note that the provided form is valid for a single entry and will be applicable upon your arrival in Saint Lucia. If you plan to make multiple trips to the country, it is necessary to complete the form again for each subsequent visit. Each entry to Saint Lucia requires a separate submission of the form.
US and UK citizens can stay up to 6 weeks, Eu (excluded Ireland) can stay up to 90 days within 180 days

Experience the convenience of taking your form online effortlessly through www.stluciatravelauthorization.us! Simply head over to the application page on www.stluciatravelauthorization.us, where you can swiftly provide your details in a matter of minutes, requiring less than 10 minutes of your valuable time to complete and submit.

  1. Start by thoroughly reviewing all the provided information. Once you have a clear understanding, proceed to fill in your personal details accurately.
  2. Attach any necessary documents as specified. Afterward, click on the submit button to officially submit your application form.
  3. Before finalizing your submission, it is crucial to double-check and verify all the information you have provided. Additionally, make sure to pay the required service fee to stluciatravelauthorization.us as indicated below.

Please exercise caution and attentiveness while reading through all the information, paying special attention to spelling. Keep in mind that if you make a mistake after submitting the online form, it may be challenging to rectify.

To successfully complete your document application, you will be required to furnish a set of necessary documents and personal information:

  1. A valid passport: Ensure that you have a current and valid passport ready for submission.
  2. Flight and accommodation details: Provide the relevant information regarding your planned flight and accommodation arrangements. This may include details such as flight numbers, dates, times, and confirmation numbers, as well as accommodation reservations or booking references.
  3. Valid credit/debit card: Prepare a valid credit or debit card that can be used for payment purposes. Ensure that it has sufficient funds available to cover any associated fees or charges.

By diligently gathering and submitting these required documents and personal details, you can successfully proceed with your document application process.

The fees and processing times for your application are as follows:

  1. Service Fee: stluciatravelauthorization.us charges a service fee for processing your application. The specific amount is USD 44. Please ensure that you have the necessary funds available to cover this fee.
  2. Processing Time: The time it takes to process your application may vary. stluciatravelauthorization.us usually process a successful paid application within 1 hour.

Once your application is successfully submitted, you will receive the St Lucia Travel Registration QR code via email prior to your trip. It is essential to check your email regularly and ensure that you have received the registration document.

After receiving the registration QR, it is important to print a hard copy and keep it with you during your journey. You can also store a file copy on a mobile device or computer, as long as it is available to be shown when requested.

When you arrive at the airport, including during transit, present the St Lucia Travel Registration to the immigration officers for verification.

By following these steps, you will have the necessary documentation ready for inspection by immigration authorities, ensuring a smoother entry process to St Lucia.

COVID vaccination certificates are not mandatory for travelers to enter Saint Lucia. However, it’s important to note that travel regulations and requirements can change rapidly, especially in response to evolving circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

To stay up to date with the latest travel updates for Saint Lucia, I recommend regularly checking official government sources or contacting your local embassy or consulate for the most current and accurate information.

No quarantine requirements are currently in place for travelers visiting Saint Lucia. However, please stay informed and check for any updates or changes to the travel regulations.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding travel to St Lucia, the www.stluciatravelauthorization.us website offers prompt and efficient assistance. You can reach out to their customer support team at your convenience or send an email to info@stluciatravelauthorization.us for further assistance. They will be ready to provide you with the necessary support and information you may require.